Customer Testimonials
    We bought a picture of the Skinny Pancake, as we went to UVM, and ate there often.  It's beautiful, and came in about 10 days!!  -  05/05/2013    Kelley J.   San Francisco, Ca.
(These are a few of the customer testimonials that we've received since opening early in 2013.)
     My wife and I ordered a couple of framed pieces from you last month, and they came in about 2 wks., and they were spectacular on the metal paper.  Good job.  -  06/20/14    Kevin R.    Hartland, Vt.
   . . . Just received our Climbing The Hill piece, and we love it. It reminds us so much of Burlington at its best.  -  07/22/13    Wendy G.    West Palm Beach, Fl.
   Our prints just arrived, and they're wonderful!!  We'll be back for more soon!!  They arrived when we were told also.  -  11/31/13    Melissa M.    Rutland, Vt. 
    We got our Lake Champlain pieces from you yesterday,  and they're really nice. They got here in about 2 wks. too!!  -  03/28/14    Chris R.    Cleveland, Oh.
    Great photography!!   Boats on the Waterfront got here a couple of days ago, and it was just as we had hoped. Great job.  -    06/19/14    Steve J.    Killington, Vt. 
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   I was born and raised in Winooski, went to school out of state, and live in San Diego currently.  I saw your Waterfront scernes, and had to have one. I love it. -  10/15/14    Chelsea P.    San Diego, Ca.
   We live in the Bronx, but my hubby went to UVM for grad. school, and loved Burlington. When we saw the Vt. Brew Pub shot in your businesses section, we ordered it. It just got here, and it's perfect. Thank you so much.  -   03/02/15    Michelle L.    Bronx, N.Y. 
   Your Lake Champlain scenes make me want to visit Vt. I ordered the one with the boats in the slips, and I am very happy with it.    -    06/22/15    Roy A.   Madison, Wi.
   I ordered your sailboat image, and am very happy with it. I'm originally from Grand Isle, but live in Hoplinton, N.H. now.   06/16/15 - Ira B. -  Hopkinton, N.H.
   Your Echo image brought me right back to when I attended UVM. I wish I was still in Burlington, ans I enjoyed the quality of life there.  10/11/15    Daniel W.   Chicago, Il.
   I sernt my daughter, who's away at school, one of your Church Street images, and she loves it. It makes her feel as though she's still in Vt. -  01/31/16    Marilyn P. -   Charlotte, Vt.
   Thank you for the Rooftops framed print. It's perfect in my flat, which is a little urban / industrial. It reminds me of growing up in Burlington.   -    04/12/16    David C.    Laramie, Wy.
    I liked several of your images, but bought the Sandbar Park one. It just arrived, and the framing and matting are perfect.   -   07/07/16    Christopher W.    Athens, Ga.
   I have a summer home on Lake Champlain, and your "Ghosting" piece spoke to me so I bought it. Now I can be in Vt. even when I'm here in Cleveland.   -   10/21/16    Prof. Richard W.    Cleveland, Oh.
Beautiful pictures!!  We bought an "On The Waterfront" framed piece from you, and it is beautiful. We wish we could get back to Burlington more often.    -    01/13/17    Ben J,   Littleton, Co. 
We live in Pittsburgh, and have a ski house in Stowe. (We wish we could be in Vt. full time.) We bought a couple of your "Waterfront Skate Park" oieces for the Stowe place, and we are very happy with them. -   03/16/17    Katherine L. - Pittsburgh, Pa.
   My dad is from Burlington, but lives full time in Fl. now, so we bought him a "Skinny Pancake"  to remind him of his crepe place, He loves it.  -   Peter W.  -  06/14/17  -   Portland, Me.